lumen is an environment where we can explore expressions of the Gospel in today’s context, illuminated by some of the leading cultural thinkers in our world today.

lumen is all about exposing you to some big ideas and then providing space to express your thoughts and questions in a conversation.

Church: Why the mass exit? | An entire generation is leaving the church. But why? Is it the way we relate to God… life over, under, or even for Him? What’s the difference and what if the next generation pursued life with God?

Extreme Poverty: Can it be ended? | If Jesus said the poor would always be with us, can extreme poverty really be eradicated from the face of the earth?

Animal Welfare: Does it matter? | Animals are pets. Animals are food. Why the extreme differences between the treatment of the pets we love and the animals we eat? Should we care?



With a vision to ultimately learn through interaction with cultural influencers, hundreds have gathered over the last two years to see how the Gospel is being advanced in creative ways in today’s society.

Typically, our cultural experts present their big ideas or stories in 20 minutes or less. These short presentations challenge the speakers to focus on one provocative thought that inspires conversation. In turn, participants engage and interact with the presenters and explore deeper understanding of their key topics during Q&A – designed for dialogue.